Get involved as a tenant

We’re a resident-led campaign with support from housing associations, landlords and trade bodies across the UK. There are many ways that you can get involved!

Our aims

  • To encourage the public to better understand the stigma associated with social housing tenants and the impact this has on our lives.
  • To challenge politicians to recognise social housing tenants as their constituents and make it a clear political necessity that negative language and assumptions are challenged.
  • To challenge the housing sector when their communications, language or behaviours perpetuate negative stereotypes about tenants.
  • To change the way the wider media communicates stories and news involving social housing tenants, their homes, and their communities.
  • To organise a tenant led campaign, supported in partnership with housing staff and others.

Ask your landlord to support the campaign

We’re currently looking to raise funds for our campaign. Could you ask your landlord to support us? We want landlords and contractors to become official supporters of our campaign, so that we can expand our work. More information can be found here:

For landlords

Share your experiences of social housing

We want to challenge many of the negative stereotypes about social housing tenants that we see in the media. We’re collecting positive stories about social housing, which you can read here:

Social housing stories

Tell us about your experience of social housing:

Share your story

We can support you

If you’re experiencing social housing stigma, we are here to support you. We can visit your organisation and talk to staff and residents about challenging social housing stigma.