Supporting the campaign

While we are a resident-led campaign, we need everyone’s support to challenge social housing stigma. We want landlords and contractors to become official supporters of our campaign. We’re already supported by a number of different housing associations, as well as TPAS and the Chartered Institute of Housing.

We want to employ a staff member, but we need to raise funds to do so. Their role will be to meet with tenants, landlords, contractors and trade bodies, as well as government and regulator officials to raise awareness and develop our work into regional and local anti-stigma pilots at a faster pace.

Our aims

  • To encourage the public to better understand the stigma associated with social housing tenants and the impact this has on our lives.
  • To challenge politicians to recognise social housing tenants as their constituents and make it a clear political necessity that negative language and assumptions are challenged.
  • To challenge the housing sector when their communications, language or behaviours perpetuate negative stereotypes about tenants.
  • To change the way the wider media communicates stories and news involving social housing tenants, their homes, and their communities.
  • To organise a tenant led campaign, supported in partnership with housing staff and others.

By becoming an official supporter of the campaign, you’re showing your organisation’s commitment to fighting social housing stigma. We would like to meet with you to discuss how you can sponsor our work, with different levels of involvement.

Ways you can support us

  • Donate money to help us run the campaign
  • Become a local pilot for our anti-stigma campaign
  • Promote the campaign among your tenants, so we can find new ambassadors and committee members
  • Invite us to speak or give us a stand at your events and conferences.

How we can help you

We can advise you on the best practice around addressing stigma, and we’d be happy to speak at your events and conferences. We can also promote the good work you’re doing to challenge stigma in your organisations.

To find out more, please contact us.