Stop Social Housing Stigma

This campaign is run by tenants and sponsored by housing organisations across the UK supporting their tenants to have a voice against stereotyping.

Why are we campaigning?

4 million households across the UK live in social housing, and we believe that it’s a huge asset. It offers good and secure rental services and contributes significantly to society.

Despite stigma being the majority issue coming out of the Housing Minister’s post Grenfell Tower consultation and a major focus in the Social Housing Green Paper, the White Paper is quite silent on this issue.

Everyone will benefit from more popular neighbourhoods, free of stigma. We want to challenge the negative perception that people have about social housing tenants.

Take part in the survey

Support the social housing sector to make a real difference for residents – in tackling social housing stigma. This survey aims to evaluate the support for the sector so far, in recognising and addressing the stigma that social housing residents experience.

Social Housing Stigma Survey